ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE AND TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: Traffic demand studies for interurban roads for road design, concession contracts, etc. Highway networks planning. Urban traffic management, from the organization of traffic flows, traffic control centres and traffic lights regulation to traffic calming, and pedestrian and bicycle accessibility.

CAR PARKING: Street and non-street car parking systems planning, organization and exploitation.

TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURES: Diagnosis studies, and economic and financial feasibility analyses of passenger and freight transport infrastructures, including terminal facilities: rail and bus stations, ports, airports, car parks, service areas and fuel distribution networks.

Planning, organization and exploitation of urban public transport and taxi systems and interurban bus, rail, air and sea transport services. Integration studies of the different modes of transport.

TRANSPORT AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Strategies and policies for sustainable transport. Energy saving studies, environmental impact analyses, studies on noise, atmospheric pollution and greenhouse emissions generated by transport, etc.

FREIGHT TRANSPORT: Freight transport optimisation studies for industrial and commercial firms through improved logistics, better fleet management, etc.

SAFETY: Urban and interurban road safety plans. Safety audits. Traffic risk studies and safety-oriented transport measures.